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VZR Garant: In order to comply with the legally required guarantee, Spes Mea Sailing Charters uses the VZR Garant guarantee scheme ( . You can check this via the participants page of the VZR Garant website. Within the limits of the Warranty Scheme (which can be found on the VZR Garant website), the VZR Garant warranty applies.

In the Warranty Regulations you can read to which (travel) offer the warranty of VZR Garant exactly applies and what this warranty entails. If services are not provided due to financial insolvency of Spes Mea Zeilcharters, you can contact VZR Garant, located at Torenallee 20, 5617 BC in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, via or +31 (0)85 13 07 630.

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