Individual sailing tours and trips (2022)


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Bluescruise: bands & individuals on tjalks with concerts in Harlingen and on Terschelling.If you aren’t part of a group booking a sailing trip and you like meeting new people, you can join our “individual” sailing trips. Every year we organise several of these sailing trips.
Every year in September we take the Blues Cruise with the Spes Mea. This is a sailing trip with several ships and blues bands. For more information and to sign up, check out

The sailing trips below are organised by us or by other organisations. With each trip there is a link, click it to get more information and sign up.

We have planned a few 50+comfort-sailing trips on the Spes Mea for you, please go to the Sailing trips for seniors page for more information. New in the program is a Pirate Tour in the May holiday, intended for parents with children aged 4-12 years old (primary education).


(5 days)

children € 210/250

piratecruise for parents with children aged 4-12 (primary education)

May 1-6 

July 17 - 22

August 14 - 19

(on the Spes Mea)

50+ comfort reis

from€ 495

wandering over the Wadden Sea

May 8-13 

29 May - June 3

June 19 - June 24 

July 10 - 15

August 28 - 2 Sept

(on the Spes Mea)



+ € 115 for private cabin

7 flatbodems, 4 bluesbands in Harlingen and on Terschelling

24-26 Sept.

(various ships)

Easter sailing

€ 275
(3 days)

+ € 110 for private cabin

3-day Easter sailing cruise

april 15 - 18

(on the Spes Mea)

Chefs @ Sea

(4 days

+ € 140 for private cabin

culinary sailing weekend during Ascension

May 25- 29 

(on the Wilhelmina)

Sailing in september

+ € 150 for private cabin

wandering over the Wad

September 2 - 9

(on the Spes Mea)



€ 220

+ € 110 for private cabin

sailing regatta for the Kuiper Brandaris bowl

October 3th weekend 

(on the Spes Mea)

If you have any questions about the sailing trips, please call me: +31 651 550902 (Klaas)