Midsummer,….in the Harlingen harbour the beautiful Groningen tjalk “Spes Mea“ is about to set sail. On board are you and your friends and the enthusiastic crew, all eager to go sailing on the Wadden Sea for a week or a few days. After you conferred with your friends, deciding that the first destination should be the island of Terschelling, the ship leaves the harbour and sails along the Pollendam, setting course for Terschelling.

It is possible to sail to any and all islands and you can enjoy a bike tour on one of the islands. Moreover, there are a lot of other activities you and your friends can engage in on the islands.

Drying out near Vlieland? An evening stroll along the beach? Everything is possible.

Everything you need or want is on board. The cabins are comfortable with great beds. The salon is cosy and you can cook your own meals in the well-equipped galley.

Want to help set or lower the sails? Lift the leeboard? Take over the steering wheel for a while? Please do! You will experience an unforgettable sailing trip on the Spes Mea. Want to know more? Contact us and we will tell you about all the options.