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If you aren’t part of a group booking a sailing trip and you like meeting new people, you can join our “individual” sailing trips. Every year we organise several of these sailing trips.


sail wanderings

Enjoy the sailing together, the peace that the water gives, the wind in the hair and the sun in the face, in short, a real vacation! The boat is not crowded, because we take a maximum of 14 guests. There is also a cook who takes care of the meals.

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affordable sailing trips

The „Wadzeilers“ (“Yachtsmen of the Wadden Sea”) arrange non-profit sailing trips where everything is about enjoying yourself: sailing, the Wadden Sea, the islands, the tranquillity and also, if you want to, the nightlife on shore.

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sailing bluesfestival

The “Blues Cruise” is a musical event which takes place every year. Historical tjalks sail from Harlingen to Terschelling and back during a weekend. On board are blues bands and (blues) music lovers.

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