Technical information

length: 26 meter

width: 5,40 meter

total surface of sails: 240m2,
including additional sails: 410m2

mast: 23,5 meter

draught: 1,20 meter

engine: Daf 1160 with 186 Hp


20 beds

6 cabins for 2 with hot/cold running water, central heating

2 cabins for 4 with hot/cold running water, central heating

2 showers with central heating

2 toilets (Sanibroyeur)

chef‘s kitchen, including an electric oven


overnight stay: max. 20 persons

day trip: max. 25 persons



mast: 23,5 meter

boom: 13,5 meter

gaff: 7 meter

foresailboom: 7 meter

jibboom: 7 meter

yard: 10 meter
(at a height of 14 meter)


mainsail: 134 m2 (3 reefs)

foresail: 63 m2 (1 reef)

small jib: 28 m2

large jib: 50 m2

watersail: 20 m2

square foresail: 90 m2


2 leeboard winches
(leeboard halliard)

sail winch
(mainsail halliard, jibboomstays)

sheet winch
(mainsail sheet)

anchor winch

(admirality- and hinged stockless anchor)

lewmar rope winch
(jib sheets)

The rigging consists of 1400 m of rope and 350 m of steel wire.


Engine Room

hoofmotor: Daf 1160(186 HP)

transmission: PRM 1000D

generator set: Mitsubishi 9,5 kVa

batteries: traction 690 amp/h

inverter/charger: Vitron 3000 Watt/70 Amp.

heating/hot water:

central heating with boiler (diesel)

hydrophore: Speck



magnetic compass

GPS (satellite navigation)

WinGPS on a laptop

AIS (transponder ship data)


diesel (GTL): 0,84 tons / 1000 liter

drinking water: 4,6 tons / 4600 liter

sewage tank: 1 ton