Derk-Jan Dijkstra


  • Since 2005, Derk-Jan Dijkstra, DJ for short (hey Diedjee!), Has been sailing as a regular skipper on the Spes Mea. In 2010 he skipped a year to sail on the Succes and the Hartstocht and Theo took over the helm from him. In 2011 DJ was back again, together with Klaas.

    He began his sailing career in 1985 as a sailor on the Mercurius. Before that, he regularly went along with the Sailing Enjoyers of the Wadden Sea. He earned several sailing diploma’s at the Maritime Academy in Enkhuizen from 1992-1994, but also immersed himself in the IT. As a skipper he gained experience at the Confiance in 1997 after having sailed at the high seas for a few years (North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and Caribbean). After years of little sailing, he now sails again as a skipper on Wad and IJsselmeer.

    In addition, DJ is active as a website builder. Under the name Odysseus Creative Multimedia, he manages a large number of websites, including this one.

    Derk-Jan Dijkstra

    (hired skipper)