Theo Holen


  • “I was born and raised on the Rhine, because my parents had a cargo ship, and after 14 years of living in Groningen I moved to Schiermonnikoog, where I came into contact with the Wadden Sea and the islands. An islander told me about the Brown Fleet, and I was sold.

    I applied for a job and I became a mate on the Poseidon at skipper Mischja Hamersma. No stranger to some guests of the Spes Mea. The second and third year I sailed with Michael Smeyers on the Noordvaarder and the fourth year with Rob Fischer. After those four seasons it was time to take the helm myself. After obtaining my big boat license, I was offered the opportunity to skipper on the Noordvaarder.

    In 2009 I sailed for half a season on the Noordvaarder, and half a season at the “Vriendentrouw” from Stavoren. This is now my 3rd season as a skipper and I am really looking forward to it. See you on board the Spes Mea.”

    Theo Holen

    (hired skipper)