Marjon Snippe


  • “Having grown up in the countryside of Drenthe, living on a canal where mainly pleasure boats were sailing, I have not really had much to do with the sea. During the holidays on Ameland it became clear that I am more of a girl from the water and the sea, but it still remained Drenthe and the forest belonging to it, until we got new neighbors who enthusiastically told us about a sailing trip they made every year, during this sailing trip they were loyal guests of a beautiful ship … ‘the Spes Mea’ Going with this sailing trip (with 5 different ships) they also thought it was something for me and I agreed with them.

    So it was that around 2003 I was standing on the docks at the Zuiderhaven in Harlingen. And there was also the ‘Spes Mea’, all very nice, but I didn’t know a lot about how that sailing worked. Although I was not embarked on the Spes Mea then, I got the taste of sailing. A few years later I moved to Leeuwarden for my studies and I was often found in Harlingen on the ships of the Brown Fleet. I also wanted to work as a sailor on a sailing boat like this, and now that my SPH (social pedagogical counseling) program has almost been completed, that is also possible. And then of course it is special that it is on the ship that I first heard about, the ‘Spes Mea’.

    So I swapped Drenthe for Friesland and forest (Bos in Dutch) for Bosch and now for me the party starts as the successor of Marek, I’m looking forward to it. Sailing with the guests, enjoying the beautiful and less beautiful weather and of course occasionally (eh..oft) put on a Blues cd for the skipper.

    See you on board!”

    Marjon, 2009

    Marjon Snippe